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Friday, October 2, 2009

Trying one step at a time...

Everyone's done it. Started again. I honestly can't think of anyone that has lost weight all in one go and kept it off completely. I struggle. I attempt to care. I push myself one day, and the next eat ice cream and chocolate sauce. I have learned something vital throughout this whole adventure since Aug. 28, 2007;

I can fail.

Well, I guess you never really fail until you've completely given up, and I've never been a fan of giving up. I'm quite stubborn when I want to be. But, alls told, I really feel that I've 'surrendered' to the higher power of cravings and candy, and ignored the 'get your butt back into those good eating habits girl!' voice in the back of my head. I felt alone for a long time. I felt lost. I felt like I had been abandoned by the people who started in 2007 with me. But then I have to ask - why did I need them anyway? Isn't this supposed to be for me? I still go to the gym. I still choose 'lite' brands of food (although I rarely sit down with a bowl full of carrots at the end of a hard day), and I still dislike regular chips.
There has to be hope for me yet?

If you are reading this, you are either a past friend (in which case, I MISSED YOU!) or you are a new comer (welcome to my ranting). Either way, your journey too, will take you places you never forsaw. I honestly did NOT see a speed bump coming in my weight loss journey when I started - I was full steam ahead. But I learned... I learned that sometimes you NEED to fully remember what it is you're here fore. You need to re-hear all those things you knew before. Its like being told you're loved - you know it anyways, but hearing it again just makes you feel like it's REAL.

I love you. You can do this. You CAN be healthy and smaller. YOU CAN.

Makes you all warm and tingly, doesn't it?

We can do this together, you, me and the computer screen. I'm tired of feeling like I'm fatter than I am, I'm tired of clothes not fitting anymore, and I'm tired of being out of control.

I am here, and I plan to TRY to stay.

Welcome all. This is today. I promise to poke you if you promise to poke me once in a while.


  1. Hi there, I'm Bookenz from the WW site. I totally agree with you - there is no giving up and no failure unless you do. Life is going to happen, all we can do is our best each day. Today the best might be a 45 min walk and all healthy meals, tomorrow it might be a 10 minute walk to Baskin and Robbins. It's not about one single thing, its about a cumulative effect over time. We are going in the right directin and we will succeed.

  2. I am K_THE_PHOENIX from WW (I don't follow WW but I like the boards). I have been there and done that and am back again. I lost 136 and regained 146.9. Oh the shame! Back on my way down though.

    Blogging and other bloggers are such great supports! Here's to all of us!

  3. *POKE* Glad to have you back, I missed ya =D