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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chocolate... oh chocolate...

it's everywhere.
I can't resist!
I even made chocolate chip cookies (what's wrong with me?) but they were low and good...
my scale is still around 209, which actually isn't bad. For the longest time, before my surgery (it was Sept 25) I was 217 according to that scale. There was one day that it read 219.8... I almost died. So, 209 I can handle. I really dream of the 190's again.. that was a beautiful time and place, but I have to do it in a positive way.

What I need to do is be like this guy :

I miss going to the gym, and feeling like my kitty. This is what my boy cat actually looks like:

Oh, and he snores. Loudly. A LOT. So this is what I feel like lately. Due to post surgery, I can't quite go back to the gym just yet. I have an infection in some of the small cuts (it was a laproscopic surgery, so I'm okay) and they're ITCHY... so itchy. I've been trying to clean the house or convince the man to go for a walk (so far, not working - it's been COLD) but maybe I'll get more done this weekend by baking and running around.

So, because I'm a junior high teacher, we have a celebration banquet to attend to. I'm PRAYING that I can stick to my low points meal tomorrow and not want to eat the chocolates that I'm giving ot my kids (I'm goign to tell them to take TWO) and behave at the banquet. At least I can't drink (T3's not a good mix) so no wasted calories there.

Here's hoping we'll all survive this week. My WI is Friday... so hold on to our panties for that one.. my first official WI from being back.
Pray for me.... yikes.

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  1. Thank you for coming by my blog and commenting! I can really appreciate the need to touch base with like-focused individuals right now since I only started my own journey a couple of months ago. I hope you heal up from your surgury quickly and that your weigh-in goes well. Welcome back to being a loser! ;)