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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Control

Weather's been a little nippy around Calgary lately - I can't feel my toes little guy but I'm still glad I'm not you!!

Okay, so for those of you that know me personally (which I think there is NONE, because I haven't told anyone yet), I am a *teeny* wee bit of a control freak. Hell, there is a REASON Im' a teacher. So, that is why I feel better when on WW - because even if I GAIN, I know exactly why and I know I am in CONTROL.
Sad, I know.
So, this Thanksgiving, my hubby and I are throwing the 'big soiree' at our place. I've already entered my points in my tracker for my meal AND desserts (especially since we know exactly what we're making and how much each thing will 'cost me') and even my breakfast.
My first WI wasn't great - only down 1.4lbs. I was hoping for a higher loss, but I knew better. On Thursday I had a buffet put on for all Jr High teachers, and Friday was a school teacher dinner where everyone brought something in. The buffet normally would have been controlled, but it was a GONG SHOW - the dinner was held in a tent OUTSIDE (-10 degree weather may I add) so we were wearing our coats and mitts to eat, the food was in another OUTSIDE TENT, they ran out of food and we had to wait, and we were the last called for the buffet, so we were fed one hour and 45 mins after it started. It was horrible. It was just horrible. The only thing basically taht was left was potato salad, so I wolfed that down (because since my surgery, if I get hungry, I get nauseated because my body still doesn't know how to regulate the bile... yech) and didn't give a HOOT about points. SO... really? To be down at ALL was a good thing.
At least I burned off some AP dancing for an hour afterwards. The only time we were warm... ish.

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  1. Just thought I'd poke my head by and see how your doing?? Haven't heard from ya in a bit...